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What Is Mindfulness? The Truth Behind The Hype

Guest Author: Written by Laura Jay (exclusively for MM) What Is Mindfulness? “Mindfulness” is a big buzzword these days. It’s a technique which a culture parched of “spirituality” yet reluctant to appear wishy-washy has pounced upon with considerable relief. The term “mindfulness” is used so often that the actual meaning of the concept is becoming somewhat […]


Spiritual Healing Meditation That Is Unconventional and Powerful

I am about to expose you to a spiritual healing meditation that can be quite unexpected. It does not involve sitting peacefully with your eyes closed and entering into a state of quiet bliss. On the contrary, it involves sitting as your five-year-old-self with your eyes open and curiously entering a state of exhilarated bliss. Watch the […]


Mindfulness Is The Ultimate Tool for Self-Cultivated Spirituality

  How spiritual you are has nothing to do with what you believe but everything to do with your state of consciousness.” – Eckhart Tolle   First, allow me to unpack the term “spiritual.” If you believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, then everything we do is intrinsically spiritual. However, in the past we […]


Aura Meditation That Can Heal

Aura Meditation as Medication Meditation is truly the “wonder drug” of human history. Scientific research has demonstrated that the benefits of meditation are numerous. When examining experienced meditators, neuroscientists are finding high levels of gamma brainwave activity, which is associated with intelligence, self-control, compassion, memory, and sustained happiness. There is also an amplification or increase in […]

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