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6 Best Guided Meditations (YouTube Videos)

Guided meditation was one of the best ways for me to get started. In the beginning, I found that guided meditations were appealing.  They literally walked me through the meditation. I didn’t have to “do” anything but just sit there and let it happen. This seemed simple enough for a guy like me who can complicate things. After scouring countless meditations, […]


Adopt Sleep Meditation Over Sleep Medication

Sleep meditation is a hot topic these days, and this is why… We can learn how to get better sleep without the side effects of medication. We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping, so it should come as no surprise that sleep is such an important part of our daily lives. We’ve also been seeing a […]


Stress Can Be a Good Thing?

I recently read that stress can make us stronger, smarter, and happier. How can this be possible? Haven’t we been taught that stress wears us down energetically and emotionally, creates sleeplessness, and can even cause disease in some cases? The word “stress” is one of those general terms that can encompass a vast terrain of […]


Lack of Energy? Fatigued? Struggling to Remain Positive?

Recently, one of our tribe was courageous and emailed me with the following: I’ve become ill with some unknown disease lumped under the category of ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ – [essentially] you feel your energy has been drained out of you and you watch your life [go by]. I’m lucky in that I can still somewhat function […]


How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Those with an Addiction to Chaos

Guest Author: Written by Laura Jay (exclusively for MM) It may seem hard to believe, but for some people, the times in life when there is most stability and happiness, are also the most difficult to handle. These people are addicted to chaos; they do not know how to handle calm, peaceful, or “normal” situations and […]


Deep Sleep Meditation

Just saying the words “deep sleep meditation” feels relaxing. Next to a good workout (or love making), you can’t beat it for quality rest. Over the past several years as I’ve deepened in meditation practice, I’ve noticed my overall anxiety levels drop dramatically even in the midst of life’s stressful events. The typical stressors of […]

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