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6 Best Guided Meditations (YouTube Videos)

Guided meditation was one of the best ways for me to get started. In the beginning, I found that guided meditations were appealing.  They literally walked me through the meditation. I didn’t have to “do” anything but just sit there and let it happen. This seemed simple enough for a guy like me who can complicate things. After scouring countless meditations, […]


The Heart Has a “Brain”

Awareness Begins in the Heart, Not the Brain Whether religion, literature, or love lyrics, the heart has a long history of being popularly associated with passion, feeling, consciousness, and awareness. But studies within the new field of neurocardiology are beginning to explain the heart’s intimate connection to the brain and the critical role the organ […]


The Law of Attraction Meditation

I remember back when “The Secret” was popular, I read somewhere that if I really want something, all I need to do is create a vision board. For this to be effective, a strong desire around the things that I want was required. It seemed like it worked for many people actually, but allow me to offer something […]


Life After Death Experiences Have Purpose?

“Life After Death” is a topic that fascinates us all, and has done so ever since we looked up at the stars and wondered if there was more… beyond this life. Of course there’s a part of us that doesn’t want this (life) to be all there is and some psychologists suggest we manufacture this […]

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