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We Can’t Heal the Body without Healing the Mind

This isn’t another article about mind-body healing. It’s actually about body-mind healing. I was recently reading an article on about Dr. Henry Grayson’s book “Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind”. He states: It’s consciousness that rules. That’s the message we get from worldwide spiritual wisdom and what’s emerging more in quantum physics as […]


Extinguish Addiction With Mindfulness

Addiction. It’s baffling, mysterious, and powerful. We are all exposed to addiction directly or indirectly, one way or the other. Your brother, cousin, wife’s father, co-worker… perhaps even you suffer yourself from some form of addiction. Some experts say we can even be addicted to anger, fighting, chaos, and unhealthy relationships because we can get […]


Aerobics for the Brain? Fitness Experts Praise Mindfulness Meditation

Fitness experts call it bicep curls for the brain and aerobics for the mind. Whatever the name, athletes and gym addicts are discovering how mindfulness meditation can enliven a workout routine and invigorate a sports performance. They say that mindfulness meditation, which focuses on the present moment to clear the mind, can help an exerciser […]


The Law of Attraction Meditation

I remember back when “The Secret” was popular, I read somewhere that if I really want something, all I need to do is create a vision board. For this to be effective, a strong desire around the things that I want was required. It seemed like it worked for many people actually, but allow me to offer something […]


Meditation that Will Dissolve Your Fears

You are not your thoughts. You are not your fears. You ARE the consciousness observing these mental apparitions. Everyone has fears—some protect us like when we see a car merging into our lane, while others hold us hostage like the thought we aren’t attractive enough. Fear can protect us from harm by sending a rush […]


Pain is Certain, Suffering is Optional

“Am I good enough?” “What did I do to deserve this?” “People just don’t understand me.” How often do we hear this sabotaging narrative playing in our own head like a record? by Rushi Vyas While feeling sad, frustrated, or lonely are perfectly human emotions, does creating a narrative to go alongside them actually help […]

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