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    Meditation for Kids

    Meditation for kids means healthier, smarter, more calm and compassionate human beings for our future. “In an image-obessed culture, we are training our kids to spend more time and mental effort on their appearance at the expense of all the other aspects of their identitites.” —Meaghan Ramsey, Global Director of the Dove Self-Esteem Project “If every 8 […]


      Is “ZEN” an Experience or Religion?

      This is an academic work that discusses what Zen is, and the approaches one can take to better understand this recently adopted term that our culture seems to misuse a lot. (essay below) Is “experience” or history a better path to understanding Zen? I think it depends on your definition of what Zen is. Is […]


        Extinguish Addiction With Mindfulness

        Addiction. It’s baffling, mysterious, and powerful. We are all exposed to addiction directly or indirectly, one way or the other. Your brother, cousin, wife’s father, co-worker… perhaps even you suffer yourself from some form of addiction. Some experts say we can even be addicted to anger, fighting, chaos, and unhealthy relationships because we can get […]


          Meditation that Will Dissolve Your Fears

          You are not your thoughts. You are not your fears. You ARE the consciousness observing these mental apparitions. Everyone has fears—some protect us like when we see a car merging into our lane, while others hold us hostage like the thought we aren’t attractive enough. Fear can protect us from harm by sending a rush […]


            Spiritual Healing Meditation That Is Unconventional and Powerful

            I am about to expose you to a spiritual healing meditation that can be quite unexpected.It does not involve sitting peacefully with your eyes closed and entering into a state of quiet bliss. On the contrary, it involves sitting as your five-year-old-self with your eyes open and curiously entering a state of exhilarated bliss. Watch the […]


              Meaning of Mantras

              The word mantra comes from Sanskrit and means “tool/instrument of thought.” Mantras are words or sounds with meaning, that are repeated over and over again. The goal is to create a positive energetic effect and a higher state of consciousness. Mantras have been used for centuries for mind-body connection purposes, and can be a very […]

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