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    How to Love Yourself

    An Introduction on How to Love Yourself “How do I love myself?” We see this call for help everywhere these days, but why? Why are we finding it so hard to love ourselves? The good news is that we don’t need to know the “why.” There are many reasons why someone may not feel like they […]


      Auric Breathing: Body-Based Meditation

      Guest Author: Written by Yonti Kristan, M.A. (exclusively for MM) Auric Breathing is a simple somatic (body-based) meditation. Like all somatic meditations it works by guiding you to focus on aspects of your sensory experience to produce relaxation and expand awareness. Auric Breathing uses the obvious tangible experience of physical breath as a doorway to […]


        Our Inner Demons Don’t Need Self-Help

        When we shine light on our inner demons it’s not so much that the demons go away so much as they cease to be demons. Instead, we see other things that look like manifestations of a scared little boy/girl who learned to adapt to its surroundings. These demons are essentially fears that take on a […]


          Music That Alters Arousal States and Focus

          Due to their similar effects on the brain, some practitioners have wondered if binaural beats can replace meditation. In a word, no. However… I’ve been aware of binaural beats ever since I first started to meditate back in college. At the time it was suggested to me that it would help me to meditate, or […]


            Prayer and Meditation Give Us Insight

            For just one moment, try to clear away prejudices or restrictive thoughts about prayer and meditation that you may have. I invite you to join me in a “thought cloud” of open-mindedness about these highly charged topics. For purposes of this article… our new working definitions: Prayer = Using Focused Intention – “TALKING” Meditation = […]


              Chronically Busy or Distracted?

              Studies show that chronic distraction is a direct cause of unhappiness. Most of us desire to be productive in life, constantly moving forward towards our goals. We even wear “being too busy” as a badge of honor declaring that we are on our way to some version of success that we have in our minds. […]

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