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    Turmeric for Weight Loss

    Obesity is a rapidly growing epidemic and it’s closely tied to everything from type-2 diabetes to cardiovascular disease and hypertension. But what if the secret to curbing the obesity epidemic was as simple as sprinkling a little spice on your dinner? In the United States, turmeric is best known as curry spice and the ingredient […]


      Obsession: Addiction to People

      Addiction can express itself beyond chemical dependency, and we can even become addicted to/obsessed with another person. I’m not saying all forms of addiction are the same by any means, but they do share certain features. I discuss how broad addictions can be in “Extinguish Addiction With Mindfulness”: Addictions can be born out of a […]


        How Mindfulness Meditation Can Help Those with an Addiction to Chaos

        Guest Author: Written by Laura Jay (exclusively for MM) It may seem hard to believe, but for some people, the times in life when there is most stability and happiness, are also the most difficult to handle. These people are addicted to chaos; they do not know how to handle calm, peaceful, or “normal” situations and […]


          Always Take the High Road?

          What does “take the high road” mean? Taking the high road means doing the right thing even if it’s not popular or easy. We are essentially the collective sum of our thoughts, choices, and actions. This is good news because this means we are fully responsible for who we become. This is also bad news for […]


            How to Let Go to Be More Effective

            I have never successfully solved one problem in my life by obsessing, controlling, or worrying. Trust me, I’ve tried! Note: This post jumps into philosophy and may seem poetically abstract at times, then I add some suggested footwork towards the end. The best possible outcomes happen when I make mindful effort towards the next right step – and […]


              Emotional Vampires Drain Our Energy

              In virtually every relationship there’s an exchange of energy. Except … relationships with emotional vampires (a.k.a. energy vampires). The energy-flow isn’t exchanged, it gets sucked out of us. Or worse yet, the energy we get back is toxic. It is important in our relationships to maintain feeling our best, but not all relationships allow us to […]

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