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Quick Start Guide to Mindful Muscle

Three of best books on mindfulness:

Need help getting started with meditation?

Check out the short video below and then click here for more tips on meditation.

Mindful Living isn’t about living like a monk or pursuing a mundane, bland existence. On the contrary…

This path is about waking up to the exhilaration of life. It’s about becoming deeply connected to your own presence through refined awareness. As a result, we make more effective choices in life as deep inner peace sets in and clarity of purpose surfaces.

You don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to adopt this path; you can pursue mindful living with a secular, soulful swagger if you choose. Mindfulness shapes our be-ing in profound ways, and has a cascading effect in every area of our life.

Get started on the path of mindful living:

1. Check out our most popular post, “7 Top-Rated Guided Meditations.”

2. Read “How to Love Yourself” to get a feel for the energy.

“I absolutely loved ‘How to Love Yourself.’ How reassuring and peaceful is it to know others can relate to the thoughts in my head. It seems that life has finally taught me the valuable lesson of mindfulness and all the things this blog has touched on.

All the lessons I have been learning about love, loss, heartache, and anxiety are finally pointing me in the direction of some MAJOR life changes, all starting with being mindful, being in the present, and how to TRULY live … finally!” –Jennifer Danner